A battle between Bryce Hall and Austin McBroom

bryce hall and austin mcbroom

The influencer boxing match, which several combatants claimed left them unpaid, won’t bring in any money, according to Austin McBroom’s attorney. On June 12, 2021, LiveXLive “Social Gloves: Battle Of The Platforms” will feature a battle between influencers Bryce Hall and Austin McBroom in Miami’s Hard Rock Stadium for LiveXLive, but some of the well-known competitors claim they have not yet received payment.

  • A boxing match amongst influencers took place, and some of the competitors claim they weren’t compensated.
  • Each of the two production businesses is blaming the other.
  • The principal attorneys for LiveXLive and Simply Greatness Productions describe their legal actions.

The creator of “Social Gloves: Battle of the Platforms” is Austin McBroom, who runs the “ACE Family” YouTube vlog channel with his wife Catherine Paiz McBroom and their three kids. He competed in the boxing contests between YouTubers and TikTokers as the main attraction, and he also owns Simply Greatness Productions (SGP), which enlisted LiveXLive, another media firm, to co-produce the programme.

After the event fell short of the financial expectations established by the success of prior fights starring influencers like the June 6 match between Floyd Mayweather and Logan Paul, SGP and LiveXLive have filed lawsuits against one another.

According to LiveXLive lawsuit, some of the fighters claim they haven’t received the millions of dollars they were promised more than a month later. James Harden, a Brooklyn Nets star who contributed $2 million, claims he hasn’t made any money either, according to Page Six.

According to Simply Greatness Productions, LiveXLive is not being honest about the amount of money they made.

LiveXLive is being sued by SGP, who claims fraud and contract breach. SGP claims LiveXLive spent money that would not be reimbursed and sold endorsements and sponsorship agreements of which SGP was unaware.

According to the lawsuit, SGP and McBroom are also blaming Paul Cazers, their former business partner, for exaggerating his expertise in the entertainment sector. An inquiry for comment was not answered by Cazers. Against SGP and the McBroom, LiveXLive filed a lawsuit for $100 million just hours later on July 21. The suit claims that the amount was largely determined by the possible harm to the defendants’ reputations in the business.

Sammataro said of the 75% of profits SGP was meant to get, “Quite frankly, we’ll never see it.” “I believe that we are realistic enough to understand that there won’t ever be any revenues for this event.” AnEsonGib, Vinnie Hacker, DDG, Faze Jarvis, Landon McBroom, Ryan Johnston, Bryce Hall, Tayler Holder, Deji, Nate Wyatt, Michael Le, Ben Azelart, and Cale Saurage may not receive their full compensation as a result. Requests for feedback from those influencers went unanswered. The McBroom and Simply Greatness Productions are the targets of a $100 million slander lawsuit brought by LiveXLive.

The $100 million in damages sought in LiveXLive return lawsuit against McBroom and SGP.

According to Katz, LiveXLive is currently in possession of the proceeds from the event, but releasing them would be difficult because the McBroom and SGP “gave people a bag of falsehoods.” According to LiveXLive, the funds are drastically insufficient to cover the excessive costs and contracts incurred by McBroom.

Katz remarked that “the McBroom and their entire approach to this event was constructed around a stack of lies, lies to which even LiveXLive fell prey. According to Katz, McBroom approached the business with a marketing PowerPoint outlining his expectations for the event’s revenue, which were $225 million based on the fighters’ popularity on YouTube and TikTok. LiveXLive has explored every option to avoid going to court, but the business is at an impasse until SGP cooperates. The period running up to the upcoming legal proceedings, he claimed, “will be quite telling.”

“They’ve put themselves in a position where they’re incredibly desperate,” he said. “That’s why it’s come to this legal struggle.” They have decided to play the victim and shift the responsibility, which is not uncommon and what I observe in my line of work.

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