A guide to using a multi-format video player on your Mac

A guide to using a multi-format video player on your Mac

To start with the article, first of all it is noticeable to know about it.

What is a Multi Codec Player?

Multi codec players Elmedia For Mac is the main element to run a file of high resolution and of great quality content. It is available in various forms in the App store which can be availed for free. It has a great influence on the users of Mac. Some of the top performing applications are highly recommended by the Mac users because of their work formation.

A Guide for Using it!

Open a file:

First of all, the user has to open a dedicated file which he/she is concerned with. Once you select the most suitable file then you have the idea to come and run it. Now, the next step is to double click a file in the finder. These things are only for Mac users which can find their files from the drive or icloud or anywhere from the icloud. It will be easy to find the best one.

Choose the File:

Now the second and granted step is about selecting the required file which is adopted by the user to have the full concern on it and start the work accordingly. Choose the best multi codec format to run and select the file to run. You can choose this one required file from the drive in the icloud. If in case your Mac is unable to select the file and has a concern issue, then in that case it has the option of third party availability. This third party allows you to choose the appropriate file and navigate the accuracy of the required file to choose. It is easy to run the file in the most suitable format.

How to play!

There comes another perfect option to deliver the content, now after selecting and choosing the right content, one can drag the file and resource these files to play. File may be played in MP3, MP4 or any of the available options. For this process you have to:

  • Select the file.
  • Move to format.
  • Turn the button to play.
  • The requirements are fulfilled and you can now play it.
  • Documents can be run easily without any hurdles.
  • Large or small files are easy to tackle.
  • Pointer is also available to show you with the required one to select and run.


Plenty of the options are available within any of the formats available at Mac. These have several different options to cope up with you and allow you to work in a magnificent way. Another milestone is that you have the option of playback.

For this purpose:

  • Select the file for the playback concept.
  • Choose the format for you to play that file.
  • Go to the bar.
  • Add the snapshot of playback

After these actions, the file would be automatically run with the playback options that are fully assembled by the condition to run the file in background or with the touch of playback.


Here it comes with another option that can be used to use Mac multimedia for many reasons. Likewise this option is negligible within the operating systems of all the other websites and applications of Microsoft devices. For the kind way you have to:

  • First of all select the file .
  • Choose the finest module to run
  • Have an eye on the file to rewind.
  • Select it and move it to the rewind options.
  • It can be used for the bilingual options of serious and entertainment causes.
  • These rewind options can be played and stopped with the same time and at the same platform of any kind of format.


This is the most thunderous option for you to have the facilities to play any audio, video, animation, documentation or any kind of short clip within vigilant mode of picture in picture. This mode allows you to run the video in picture to picture mode. All you can do this with the help of:

  • First of all select the file for this purpose.
  • Choose the accurate file or format to use.
  • Now move to the play and select the picture in picture mode.
  • All the dedicated files which you use to run can be availed for this reason.
  • It would run as a mode which can run the entire player of the Mac in the given option.

Concerned about:

These guidelines and tips and tricks are relevant to the fact that whenever you want to run any kind of file, you can use this interface for your guide and somehow manage to take all the facilities to run the files. There would be no difficulty for you to come with all the knowledge that can help you to use Mac players for multi purposes.

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