Here’s the ‘Encanto’ family tree, The ‘Magical Family’


Fans of Disney’s animated smash Encanto can tell this is going to be a family film from the opening scene. To be precise, Mirabel Madrigal’s large, close-knit, exceptionally magical family. After all, “The Family Madrigal” is the film’s first tune. And from that song, we can deduce that there are a lot of Madrigals. There are a lot of cousins and aunts and uncles. Just a bunch of people dealing with their incredible abilities, and, more importantly, dealing with one another.

Who are the Madrigals, exactly? How does their ancestors’ tree look?

Abuela Alma and Abuelo Perdro Madrigal

Alma and Pedro, the Madrigal family’s matriarch and patriarch, were the ones who started it all. They were forced to flee their hamlet when they were young parents after it was overrun by armed marauders. Unfortunately, the marauders pursued them, and Pedro was slain while attempting to distract the attackers in order to defend his family.Alma was left destitute and alone with her triplets, Julieta, Pepa, and Bruno, after his death. It was at that point that she was gifted with a miracle in the form of a candle, which she and the rest of her family would follow. The marauders were defeated, and La Casa Madrigal was established to safeguard their magical family.

Of course, as Alma’s three children grew older and started their own families, things became more complicated.

Félix & Pepa Madrigal

Alma and Pedro Madrigal have a daughter named Pepa Madrigal. She is married to Félix and has three children with him. Félix appears to be the ideal match for Pepa, especially since her magical gift is that her attitude affects the weather, and he needs to keep her happy if he wants to avoid getting wet.

Dolores, Camilo, and Antonio

Dolores, Camilo, and Antonio are Pepa and Félix’s three children. Antonio is very close to his cousin Mirabel, and he discovers early on that he has the ability to communicate with animals. Dolores has exceptional hearing, and Camilo can shapeshift, according to his older brother and sister. So, all in all, a fairly outstanding family.

Agustin & Julieta Madrigal

Julieta is Alma’s other daughter, and her magical abilities make her a true mother force; she can heal people using food magic. Imagine being able to cure illness with baked sweets; Julieta is that person. She married Agustin, and the two of them are the most loving parents anyone could ask for. Fortunately, their three children were spared.

Isabela, Luisa, and Mirabel Madrigal

Three sisters, Isabela, Luisa, and Mirabel Madrigal, have radically distinct personalities. Isabela has a natural talent for gardening, especially because she possesses the magical ability to grow plants and flowers without exerting any effort. Luisa possesses incredible strength and is not afraid to utilize it. When it comes to Mirabel, though, the film’s central theme is revealed. She doesn’t have any magical abilities, but she does discover that she is fantastic at keeping the Madrigal family together.

And for such a powerful family, that’s essentially the ultimate power.

Unless, of course, you’re willing to talk about Bruno.

Bruno Madrigal

 Alma and Pedro Madrigal’s only child, is the family’s true black sheep. He was given the gift of seeing into the future as a child, and he ran away to protect his family from his visions. He lived inside the Casita’s walls until Mirabel discovered him and welcomed him back into the family. Bruno is a devoted uncle to his nieces and nephews despite the fact that he has no children.

The Madrigal family is more than just a collection of magical abilities. They are a wonderful, complicated, and beautiful collection of people who have chosen to love one another.

And that is what a family tree is all about.

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