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It’s true that Anna Kendrick is a well-known figure in Hollywood and that she has a sizable fan base. But, do you know who his older brother is? He is, in fact, a well-known figure in Hollywood and the entertainment business in general. You can use this article as a resource to learn more about Michael Cooke Kendrick’s biography.

Michael Cooke Kendrick: Who is he?

He is a well-known representative of the holly wood industry and has been in a number of blockbuster films. Despite his lack of success, he has received a lot of love from the public, earning him the nickname “cookie monster” in the process. His charisma and acting prowess make him popular very quickly since they draw so many people to him. Even still, the majority of people only know him as Anna Kendrick’s older brother, which is bad because many of them are not aware of his acting abilities.


He was born on March 2, 1983, to teachers William Kendrick and Janiece Kendrick, and he bears the sign of the Pisces. To finish his studies, he attended Deering High School, where he also made a name for himself. His acting career was brief, but he later started appearing in American TV shows and films. He stands out since he is Anna Kendrick’s older brother.

Individual Life

The well-known actor has lived a life similar to the average person. His youth was spent as a fairly typical person because his mother is an accountant and his father is a history teacher, but ever since then, most people have been drawn to his way of life and nature. He continues to be referred to as Anna Kendrick’s older brother and leads a normal daily life. The person is married to Liza Kendrick, but no information is provided concerning their children. He is a well-known Instagram personality and is active on both of the social media networks. Additionally, he wishes to keep their private life story and their lives hidden from the prying eyes of the media. This explanation explains why few people are aware of his family or whereabouts. His love story is unknown to even the majority of people, demonstrating his desire to keep his affairs private.

He gave or shared his wife’s image with his fans on social media in 2012, but he hasn’t talked about his dating life or his personal life in general. It can therefore be claimed that he is a very private guy who wishes to leave the lenses behind. His social media accounts contain all of his personal information; otherwise, nothing is known about him.

His social media posts show that he and his younger sister have a close bond and that his life is often free of trouble. He leads a comfortable family life and is devoted to his loved ones. He is currently 38 years old, and he has a likeable demeanor that draws many of people to him.


Even though he is a well-known actor, his sister is more well-known than he is, and the majority of people refer to him by the name of his sister. He made his acting debut as Jason, a character searching for the echo in the year 2000, in a movie. The television actor who starred in the celebrity ghost series and close celebrity calls was another name for this performer.

His acting career is really brief, and he only had a few minor roles in films. Nevertheless, he landed a terrific role in the movies, and as a result of his charisma, he became everyone’s favorite. Everyone is captivated by his remarkable charisma, and he quickly gains a following.


Unlike other personalities, he also has a respectable net worth; data from numerous sources indicates that it is currently between $1 million and $5 million. It demonstrates that it is quite high and that it is comparable to any other actor or actress in America.

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