Boxt, a startup in smart home heating, raises £20 million


In a funding round lead by infrastructure investor Brookfield, Boxt, a British startup in smart home heating that offers a “Uber-style” service for installing air conditioning, electric vehicle chargers, and boilers, has raised £20 million.

With the additional funding, Leeds-based Boxt will be able to provide fuel-saving technology including heat pumps, hydrogen-powered boilers, and electric vehicle charging throughout the UK.

Via 2050, it hopes to assist the UK achieve its net zero carbon ambitions by enhancing heating efficiency and smart home solutions. The company now provides services for house insurance, air conditioners, EV chargers, and boilers. Additionally, it offers auxiliary smart home gadgets like speakers, cameras, smoke detectors, and thermostats.

“We’ve invested considerably in technology that promotes a smooth customer journey, reducing waste and additional journeys for both customers and engineers,” said Boxt founder and CEO Andy Kerr. Fostering relationships with companies like Bosch, Google, EDF, and Halfords has further improved our UK positioning and momentum while keeping the company at the cutting edge of innovation.

Gas boilers will gradually be phased out in the UK in favor of low-carbon technology like heat pumps and electric boilers. Boxt believes that one of the factors contributing to the expected increase in its client base to over 300,000 households by 2025 is the availability of its replacement services online. Boxt has offices in Leeds and London and now employs 70 people. In the next 18 months, it plans to expand its staff by adding more talented employees.

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