Camilo ‘s Age and his voice in Encanto

how old is camilo in encanto

The movie is loved by viewers around and is becoming more well-known. You may better understand the characters by understanding all the features of the movie as we debate What is the age of Camilo in Encanto. As a result, you can read the following article.

How do we know Encanto’s history?

It’s the story of an extraordinary family with defining traits. They are the Madrigals, a clandestine family in Colombia’s mountains who hold exceptional significance. The place of magic is called Encanto. Every child in this place has received a gift of Encanto’s magic. A young Colombian girl, however, is upset because she is the only member of her family without magical skills. Her name is Mirabel, specifically.

Who is Camilo in Encanto, and how old is Camilo?

The supporting role in the 2021 movie Encanto is played by Camilo Madrigal. Walt Disney Animation Studios produced and released the movie Encanto through Walt Disney Studios Motion Pictures.

Every kid is endowed with a mystical talent, and Camilo was given the gift of shape-shifting. According to the description, the individual doesn’t yet know who they are. Camilo occasionally uses his magical skills to change his body so that it looks like one of his relatives.

Who was Camilo’s actor on Encanto?

In the movie Encanto, the voice of Camilo was provided by Rhenzy Feliz.

What is Camilo’s age in Encanto?

A 15-year-old Colombian boy named Camilo lives in Encanto. His skin is a light golden-brown, and his physique is lean. Brown eyes, freckles across his cheekbones, and curling, dark auburn hair. His eyes have a dark color.

Depending on the situation, a person can change their shape. To represent his ability to change forms, Camilo wears clothing with chameleon patterns on his shirt, cape, collar, and sandals.

He is Pepe Felix, Felix’s middle child, and he was made to amuse. He was in the spotlight and deserving of his spot on the television because of his capacity to change into a shape identical to that of his body. Since Camilo’s persona in Encanto was created to represent the archetypes of nearby families, we are aware of his age.

A comic book character named Camilo exists. The Camilo persona is like someone who is a little wacky, a little dramatic, and a lot of fun.

The Final Word

We go through the character’s skills and appearance in the article.

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