The Morning After: Someone modded a folding iPhone

Taking on something a bit more challenging than adding a USB-C port, Aesthetics of Science and Technology (AST) claims to have built a folding iPhone. The group pillaged the folding…

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iPhone Belt Holders

Why You Need to Protect Your Phone with Cases Such as iPhone Belt Holders

It’s a given to most smartphone owners. Well, some owners think the cases are bulky and hide crucial aspects of their phone’s design. But that doesn’t have to be the…

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Refurbished Phone

Everything You Need To Know About Refurbished Phone

What are refurbished devices? A refurbished phone would have had a previous owner but, unlike a used phone sold by a private individual, it is sold by a network, manufacturer…

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Monitor Phone

How To Monitor Phone?

There could be a scope of reasons that you may have to follow a telephone number. You should watch out for your children, your life partner may be acting obscure,…

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In the event that you are hoping to purchase another telephone and wind up stuck between settling on a telephone that offers you the best arrangement, you could get your…

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