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It Ends With Us, Colleen Hoover’s great romance novel, is being adapted into a film! We are ecstatic that this intricate love tale will be brought to life in the cinema. Hoover’s novel, hailed as one of the most powerful books of 2016, is slated to be adapted into a critically acclaimed film.

What do you need to know about the book and how it will be adapted? We’ll go over everything we know so far, from the author’s background until the release of the film adaptation. We’ve got you covered, so don’t worry.

What do you know about Colleen Hoover?

Colleen Hoover is a Texan author who specializes in romance, though she has also dabbled in YA fiction. Slammed, her debut novel, was self-published at the beginning of 2012. Hoover published Hopeless at the end of the year, and it became a New York Times bestseller!

She has since proceeded to find success as a writer, releasing over twenty works, several of which have been picked up by major publishing houses. Paper Help and other such websites have proven to be extremely helpful to people who want to accomplish the same. She’s also started her own businesses, such as The Bookworm Box, a novel subscription service with proceeds going to charity.

So let’s get down to business and speak about It Ends With Us.

All over It End With Us

In 2016, the film It Ends With Us was released. She stated she based the novel on her parents’ relationship and that it was “the hardest book I’ve ever written… With this one, I wanted to address a sensitive subject from a perspective that isn’t often seen. I wanted to modify the tale several times because I didn’t want to take the characters where I needed to take them, but I knew I had to.”

Lily, a small business owner who captures the eye of neurosurgeon Ryle, is the protagonist of the story, which is described as a “standalone contemporary romance book.” Ryle isn’t the kind to pursue relationships; in fact, he has a strict “no dating” policy. However, as he and Lily get to know each other more, they become closer, and Lily finds herself breaking down his defenses.

Then Atlas, Lily’s first love, reappears, and all Lily has constructed with Ryle begins to crumble. Who will end up with whom, and how will the situation be resolved? To discover it, you’ll have to read this “unforgettable tale of love at the ultimate price.”


Critics praised the novel, and the majority of readers adored it. However, other reviewers complained that the work did not adequately address the topic of abuse, and that the main character appeared to be superficial. Despite these flaws, the story was favorably received and garnered a large following. It was even named the greatest romance novel of 2016 by Goodreads!

The cinematic adaptation as well as the most current updates

Justin Baldoni stated on Instagram in mid-2019 that his business, Wayfarer Entertainment, was adapting the novel It Ends With Us into a film. “So pleased to be working with the wonderful @colleenhoover to try to bring #ItEndsWithUs to the big screen!!!” he tweeted. I’m so excited to be a part of bringing this book to life, and I’m humbled she chose me to do it. Thank you to my amazing book agency @jcastillobooks for putting us together!” He also included a warning against domestic abuse and destructive relationships.”

Baldoni is best recognized for his role as Rafael Solano on Jane the Virgin, although he has also dabbled in other fields. Five Feet Apart and Clouds are among his directorial credits, and he co-created the chat show Man Enough with Wayfarer Entertainment.

There was a period of relative stillness after his announcement of the It Ends With Us film adaptation (apart from Baldoni tweeting, “Who do you think I should play when we do [the movie]?”) until September 2020. He had intended to make the film himself, but after realizing that “this is a much more essential project for a woman to helm,” he instead engaged a female director.

Then, in October of 2021, we received some exciting news. He shared further news on social media, this time on TikTok, where he stated that the first draft of the screenplay had finally been completed! This implies that the film will soon move from pre-production to production, and we’re excited to see how it turns out.

If we were to estimate, the It Ends With Us film will most likely be released in 2023. We’re really excited to watch it!

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