Here’s a closer look at unique Apple mask for face.

apple mask

Apple mask unique staff for face, which was built by the same people who work on the iPhone. The same teams who work on Apple’s products produced a unique face mask for staff.

  • Bloomberg earlier reported that Apple designed a face mask for employees that has three layers to filter particles and flaps to protect the nose and chin.
  • For a more secure fit, the Apple Face Mask has a component that connects the two ear straps behind the head.
  • Apple’s engineering and design teams, which work on products such as the iPhone and iPad, are reported to have created the face mask.
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The facial coverings were designed by the same engineering and industrial-design teams that work on products like the iPhone and iPad, according to Bloomberg’s Mark , who first reported about the mask in early September.

A new video shows what Apple mask looks like and how it fits. Unbox Therapy, a YouTube channel, released a video on Thursday analyzing every aspect of Apple’s mask, from how it’s packaged to how it fits in comparison to a surgical mask. The video shows how the mask’s design differs from that of a standard surgical mask.

According to Bloomberg

The mask features three layers for particle filtering and can be washed and reused up to five times. Five masks are included in each bundle. Apple has also embraced the Clear Mask, a transparent face mask designed to help deaf individuals better comprehend the wearer by making their mouth visible

Apple’s face mask

It has two flaps that, for example, expand the mask’s reach across the nose and chin. It also includes an extra component that lets you attach the two ear straps around your head with an extra piece.

Apple’s mask seems to offer a significantly tighter seal than a surgical mask, according to Lewis Hilsenteger, the YouTube personality behind Unbox Therapy. When the two straps were attached behind his head, he remarked the mask felt quite secure, almost like he was wearing a hat. During the video, Hilsenteger tried the Apple mask with a pair of sunglasses and said that by tightening the nose seal, he was able to keep them from fogging up. In April, the business designed and manufactured face shields for frontline medical professionals.

It isn’t the first time an Apple employee has attempted to increase the performance of protective face masks. Former Apple mechanical engineer Sabrina Paceman co-founded the Fix the Mask project to enable individuals to manufacture a brace at home to make surgical masks fit more firmly around the face.

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