How to Use IGTOK: All You Need to Know


Many people are discussing about IGTOK, a new social media platform. But what exactly is IGTOK, and how can you deal with it? We’ll tell you everything you need to know about it in this blog article! Keep an eye out for updates on this new social media channel!

What exactly is IGTOK?

IGTOK is a comparable social media site to YouTube. IGTOK allows users to upload movies, photos, and live streams. One of the biggest differences between IGTOK and other social media platforms is that each video or photo must have “I G T O K” at the start of the title.

IGTOK is currently mostly used as a platform for watching hilarious videos.

What can you do using IGTOK?

IGTOK lets you view hilarious films that users have uploaded to their own channel or stream! For the time being, the majority of users are uploading short recordings of themselves playing practical jokes on one another, but this may alter in the future… Who knows what new categories IGTOK will come up with in the future!

Instagram Followers of IGTOK

You may also make your own profile, add movies and photos to your stream, and gain followers. If you’re watching a video on someone’s stream, you’ll see a “I G T O K” that lets others to find it. This is pretty similar to how you feel about something on YouTube when you like or detest it! Users can now broadcast live streams directly from their phones using IGTOK.

IGTOK’s Instagram premium package

IGTOK offers a one-year subscription to PREMIUM for only $1.99! You gain access to all of IGTOK’s premium features if you purchase the premium package. These premium features will help you gain more followers, receive more likes on your videos, and increase your views!

Paid programmes include:

You may obtain 500 certified fans for $5.

For ten dollars, you can get a thousand Instagram followers.

You can get 5k Instagram followers for $36.

For $ 64, you can acquire ten thousand Instagram followers.

You can get 50k Instagram views for $7.

You can get 100k Instagram views for $12.

You can get one million Instagram views for $30.

You may get 100k IGTOK POINTS for $ 500.

You must watch a live broadcast to earn IGTOK POINTS! You can also earn a few POINTS each day by submitting or like photos and videos.

Explained IGTOK points

One of the ways that IGTOK assesses its users is through IGTOK POINTS. The more POINTS you have, the higher you will rank on the “leader boards.” This implies that if you have a lot of POINTS, it will be easier for people to find your movies or photos on their own. By viewing live streams or contributing hilarious pictures/videos, you can earn additional IGTOK POINTS!

What is the best way to acquire Instagram followers?

IGTOK makes it simple to acquire Instagram followers. To do so, go to your “home” and hit the “+” to start a new post or video as you normally would. When you’re writing your post, you’ll see an option called “gain more views” under the standard featured area. This option specifies the cost of obtaining 1 million direct views from real users. For instance, if you want 5k Instagram views, you’ll need to pay $12. You will earn IGTOK POINTS every time someone watches your live stream or video, and if people like your post/stream, you will earn even more!

What makes IGTOK so special?

IGTOK’s concept is what makes it so special! Many social media networks allow you to publish your own movies, images, or live broadcasts, but they also allow you to view and connect with other people’s lives in ways that Facebook and Instagram do not. Unlike YouTube, IGTOK includes a competitive element. If you publish a picture or video on your stream, it’s possible that someone will look it up to check what more is being said… But, if no one likes or comments on your video, how will people find it? The more likes and views your posts receive, the higher up in search results you will appear!

IGTOK also compensates users by awarding POINTS to those who watch their live stream. This implies that even if you don’t publish anything, you can receive POINTS and follows! You should keep an eye on other people’s lives and like or remark on them so that other people are aware of your page…

Is there anything more I should be aware of when it comes to IGTOK?

IGTOK is still a relatively young social media network, but it has the potential to become as popular as YouTube. In the future, there may be categories similar to Instagram or other types of entertainment!

Do you desire a lot of likes, follows, and views? When posting photos or videos, remember to use the hashtag #IGTOK so that others can discover them more quickly. We hope this blog post answers your IGTOK-related questions! For additional information, make sure to follow us on Instagram at @its sabrinna. #igtok, #igtokpoints, #igtoksnapchat, and #igtokapp are recommended hashtags.

When will IGTOK be available?

IGTOK has not yet been made available to the general public, but this post will be updated as soon as it is!


You should be inventive if you want to get the most out of IGTOK. You might share entertaining or inspirational videos with your audience! Use the hashtag #IGTOK on Instagram to ensure that your video appears when other Instagram users search for it.

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