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PPPDetective.com: What is it? What advantages does this website have for PPP loan information on fraud detection?

Since the Small Business Administration of the United States published the list of PPP loans, cyber detectives and scammers have been poring over the information to see if there are any shady businesses.

A tool called PPPdetective.com is designed to spot PPP loan fraud. Is PPP Detective Legit, though? Many people want to know if the website is legitimate or a hoax.

Describe PPP

PPP, also known as the Paycheck Protection Program, is an outstanding project that will be put into place in 2020 as part of the Covid-19 pandemic that was started by the US government. Before you can describe how the website works, you must first have a basic understanding of PPP. This program’s main goal is to help independent contractors in particular, nonprofit organizations, sole proprietorships, and small businesses run their businesses successfully and pay their employees on a regular basis.

For those who qualify, the PPP programme offers low-cost loans with interest to support the smooth operation of payroll and other business needs.

Ppp Detective Legit – Overview

Have you ever heard of the website Pppdetective.com? Find out the purpose of the site if not. According to the site’s information, Brian Hamachek is the website’s only owner and creator. According to rumors, Brian Hamachek made the decision to launch this website after reviewing the whole list of PPP loans for the city in which he currently resides.

He acknowledged that several of the loans on this list sounded strange and gave him the impression that something was off because he knew from looking at the list that certain companies had been inflating their staff counts. Some businesses were also nonexistent.

How much PPP Detective is Legit, though? He claimed that he was able to identify the fraudulent operations because the businesses were in his area based on the news coverage during the creation of this website. Users of the PPP Detective Portal can check each company’s loan information, and if they find anything suspicious, they can submit a formal complaint to the SBA.

How trustworthy is PPP? PPP researcher?

Several significant facts were found when evaluating the site’s validity. First of all, the website is only a little over six months old. Domain IDs were produced on March 25, 2021. Additionally, Ppp Detective Real? It was impossible to compile US residents’ trust scores at this time. It only has a 2% trust rating, according to the sources. Additionally, some users find the website to be fantastic, while the majority are disappointed.


The PPP Detective Portal is a cutting-edge tool for identifying and reporting fraud among PPP loan users. The website, however, is very new and hasn’t yet been able to live up to the promise. Ppp reports and user comments on Reddit indicate that the site received conflicting feedback regarding Ppp Detective’s legitimacy. You should also be aware of how to avoid scams. Have you been here before? Describe your experience for us.

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