“This person is unavailable on Messenger” means?

this person is unavailable on messenger
  • When attempting to chat with someone, if you notice “This person is unavailable on Messenger,” they may have blocked you.
  • Additionally, it can imply that they’ve been banned, deleted their Messenger account, or both.
  • You might not always see this error; instead, you might merely receive a message that your messages cannot be sent.
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Despite its widespread use, Facebook might be difficult to understand when attempting to explain why one of its apps isn’t functioning properly. Since Facebook doesn’t allow direct interaction, you must use the platform’s Support Center to receive assistance.

However, not all error messages are included in the Support Center’s list. For instance: What does “This person is inaccessible on Messenger” in the Messenger app mean?

Here is a detailed explanation of the error message’s meaning and how to resolve it if you believe something is incorrect.

What does it mean when someone says they aren’t available on Messenger?

It is evident that you cannot talk with the person if you are seeing this message in your Messenger conversation with them. But why does it happen?

There are a few typical causes.

  • You have been blocked by the person you are attempting to contact, either through Messenger or Facebook in general. Check read our post on identifying Facebook blocks if you’re unsure whether you’ve been blocked.
  • The user’s Messenger account has been deleted or deactivated.
  • Facebook or Messenger has suspended or banned the user.

When any of these take place, the error “This person is unavailable on Messenger” may appear. You’ll need to persuade the person you want to talk with to unblock you or create a new Messenger account; however, there is no way around it on your own.

If there hasn’t simply been a glitch, at least. Try logging out and then back into your account if the error message displays but you are certain that you are not blocked and your friend is still using Messenger. Try removing and reinstalling the Messenger app if that doesn’t work. This might resolve the problem.

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