Trump continues to retweet an account ‘Catturd’

  • President Donald Trump has retweeted an account called “@catturd2” in support of his assertions that he lost the US election to Joe Biden.
  • The pro-Trump comedian account has received three recent retweets from the president, bolstering many of Trump’s evidence-free claims of election fraud.
  • “Catturd” has since become a Twitter trend, eliciting a range of reactions, from amusement to embarrassment.
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President Donald Trump has been retweeting a Twitter account called @catturd2, which has been supporting his effort to overturn the US election outcome, causing the matter to become a trending topic. On Monday night, Trump retweeted three times from the unidentified account. The account portrays itself as a primarily humorous account that supports the president.

Trump has discounted or ignored authoritative statements that Joe Biden won the election fairly, including from the Department of Homeland Security and international election observers. Instead, he’s depended on shady sources and just about any source prepared to support his desired narrative.

According to @catturd2’s profile

According to @catturd2’s profile, the account is known as “The MAGA turd who speaks s—-,” a reference to the presidential campaign slogan “Make America Great Again.”

One of the president’s retweets claimed that “Rudy Giuliani is providing a ton of evidence” in the president’s election challenge, while another posted an item from the Gateway Pundit aggregation site alleging ballot-counting anomalies in Arizona.

Doug Ducey

On Monday, Arizona’s Republican governor, Doug Ducey, confirmed Biden’s election, angering the president. @catturd2 has 462,000 followers and claims to have been retweeted seven times by the POTUS. On Twitter, the term “catturd” has become popular, with many users expressing shame or amusement. Some tales were horrifying, while others were sarcastic: Many additional accounts praised the trending subject, claiming that it reflected the president’s wit.

@catturd2 was overjoyed at the attention, tweeting a meme of Trump and Sidney Powell, a lawyer who is attempting to reverse the election through lawsuits. According to the narrative, the president’s attention boosted sales of the book “The Adventures of Cowfart.”

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