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December Global Holidays

Throughout the world, many people will be enjoying various holidays throughout December. Every year, December brings a number of holidays that are eagerly anticipated by people all around the world. Most people make efforts to make their vacations and days of celebration special.

The festive month of December has something to offer everyone, from Hanukkah to Las Posadas. The month of December is likely to make everyone happy! But what are these holidays exactly? Continue reading to learn more. then begin making plans for your Christmas gatherings!


When Black nationalist and college professor Maulana Karenga proposed a week-long celebration of African culture and traditions, Kwanzaa was first observed in the 1960s.

The celebration was based on harvest feasts in Africa. The celebration may not be observed in all places due to Christmas Day, whose Swahili name translates as “first fruits.” Today, many nations around the world celebrate Kwanzaa and Christmas, two holidays that have a shared past.


One of the most celebrated holidays in the world this month is Hanukkah, which is a Jewish celebration. This festival commemorates the Second Temple’s restoration in Jerusalem following the Maccabean Revolt.

Around the world, people burn lights in Menorahs and eat traditional Hanukkah fare to commemorate this eight-day festival. To observe this holiday, lots of people take flights to Israel. However, there are 21 nations in the world where you can also observe this occasion.

Global AIDS Day

World AIDS Day was first observed in 1988, and since then it has grown in popularity as a day to spread awareness of the illness. The World AIDS Day campaign is led by UNAIDS, which also selects the annual themes in cooperation with other international health organisations.

The World AIDS Program took over management of the campaign in 2005. Today, the day is observed by governments and health organisations all around the world, and it is frequently utilised as a day for AIDS-related memorial services.

Since the day’s creation in 1995, the president of the United States has also issued an official proclamation on it.

The Posadas

For those of us in the western hemisphere, the celebration-filled month of December signals that it is time to consider Mexican festivities, such as Las Posadas.

Posadas, which were first observed in churches, have changed over the years to become more well-liked family gatherings.

According to legend, the first posadas, sometimes referred to as “misas de Aguinaldo,” began in 1586 when Augustinian friars working for the Spanish ruler changed Aztec winter solstice worship to a celebration of Christ’s birth.

Unblemished Conception Day

Why do people celebrate Immaculate Conception Day, despite its religious significance? The holiday originated in Syria in the fifth century, and by the seventh century it had become deeply ingrained in Eastern Christianity.

In the eleventh century, the festival also spread to the West. The Blessed Virgin Mary was innocent her entire life, according to Eastern and Western traditions.

The Immaculate Conception Day holiday was observed in Portugal to honour Mary, who was just 13 years old when she gave birth to Jesus.

Black Friday

The day after Christmas is always observed as a holiday called Boxing Day. It used to be a day when servants could visit their family and distribute gifts to anyone in need.

Since then, the holiday has developed into a global shopping holiday that is observed by people all over the globe.

Due to the fact that this day falls on a global holiday, St. Stephen’s Day, many individuals choose to buy gifts for their loved ones on this day.


Hogmanay, one of the international holidays in December, is the New Year’s celebration in Scotland. People usually congregate in a circle with their arms crossed.

The left hand extends a hand to the person on the right, while the right hand extends a hand to the person on the left.

People might hold hands until the music ends at smaller events. Then they can split apart and go back to their original positions in the circle.

Last Words

Every year, there are many additional holidays, but the December Global Holidays are the ones that the people of Europe celebrate and enjoy. The individuals get together with their families, friends, and relatives. The majority of people in the modern period worry and feel down. To forget their concerns and sorrows, individuals therefore enjoy these occasions.

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